Sometimes your pet needs a helping hand. We will deliver a friendly, personal and cost effective service to your pet. A consultation at home which includes a detailed history and  full body health check of your pet. A Travelling Vet home consult is the right thing for a wide variety of problems:

Ear or eye problems
Skin problems
Gastrointestinal upsets (vomiting/diarrhoea)
Urinary problems
Check ups for hyperthyroid cats or those with kidney disease
Check ups for dogs with Cushings disease or hypothyroidism
Heart disease
Coughs and sneezes

We are happy to see your pet and carry out a medication review and offer repeat medication services for those on long term medications. If your pet needs a blood test, we can do this in your home. Our use of IDEXX laboratories for the analysis of samples helps to make sure these results are spot on.

When you call to book this consultation, if we feel your pet would be better served by visiting a veterinary hospital, we will advise you to do this. During our visit, if we feel your pet needs hospital care (for example to have intravenous fluids, or x-rays) we will arrange to have your pet transferred to a veterinary clinic.

 To request a same day appointment please call 0114 212 5800 (subject to availability).